Bord Bia (Anglized: Irish Food Board) is an Irish semi-state company with the aim on promoting (sales of) Irish food and horticulture, abroad and in Ireland itself.

They act as link between the Irish producers and customers worldwide. For that purpose they have several overseas offices, amongst others in Amsterdam, Shanghai and New York.

Bord Bia is mostly known for it's certification of Irish food products. The logo connected to this scheme is used at home and abroad.

Bord Bia works for both small producers and large producer. For small producers by promoting and certifying Farmers Markets. For the bigger producers by offering a whole scale of international marketing services.

In 2008 Bord Bia received 30 million euro for an advertising campagne in the period 2008-2013. In 2009 the "Oireachtas Grant-in-Aid" was 28 million a year. With other incomes (earmarked grants, levies and so on) she has a budget of about 43,5 million euro.

Part of the work is promoting better ways of producing, by innovation and setting "best practice" standards. According to the report Pathways for Growth, published by Bord Bia should "adopt a strategy of developing a world-class agricultural industry by 2016 and set itself the goal of becoming the most efficient, most highly innovative food and drink country in the world."

In May 2011 Bord Bia published their goal of increasing the food exports by 40% in 2020, compared with the 2010 level.


Bord Bia was founded in 1994 as an amalgation of the Coras Beostoic agus Feola (the Irish Meat and Livestock Board) and the food promotion activities of the Irish Trade Board. In 2004 it amalgated with Bord Glas, that used to be responsible for the development of the horticulture industry. In 2009 Bord Bia took over the promotion of seafood from BIM (Bord Iascaigh Mharaigh)