Military Medal for Gallantry (An Bonn Mileata Calmachta in Irish). Instituted 1944.

with HONOUR (1st Class prior to 1984) (never issued)
with Distinction (2nd Class prior to 1984)
with Merit (3rd Class prior to 1984)
Distinguished Service Medal (An Bonn Seirbhise Dearscna in Irish). Instituted 1964.
with HONOUR (1st Class prior to 1984)
with Distinction (2nd Class prior to 1984)
with Merit (3rd Class prior to 1984)
Military Star
United Nations Service Medal
Service Medal

Both the Military Medal for Gallantry and the Distinguished Service Medal can be awarded for acts other than those performed on war service, however the 6 MMG with Distinction (2nd Class) issued have all been awarded for actions performed while on operations overseas. The sole MMG with Merit (3rd Class) issued was for bravery during a fire in Portlaoise Prison in 1981 and was thus a non-combat award. In practice the Military Medal for Gallantry with Honour is the Irish Defense Forces' equivalent of the British Victoria Cross and US Medal of Honor. The ribbon of the MMG is green with vertical red stripes; three narrow stripes on the MMG with Merit, two on the edge and one in the center. The MMG with Distinction has two thick red striped on the edge of the ribbon, and the MMG with Honour has one thick red stripe down the center of the ribbon. The MMG with Honour is a silver medal, while the lower classes are in bronze.

The DSM has been awarded for bravery and outstanding service on duties at home and abroad. It was instituted towards the end of the Irish Defense Forces' involvement in the Congo to recognize bravery and outstanding service without reducing the value of the MMG, as too many Irish soldiers were being recommended for the MMG for actions there. Ultimately only one Irish soldier received the MMG for actions in the Congo. The ribbon for the DSM follows the same pattern as the MMG, except that the stripes are black.

The Military Star is awarded to the next of kin of members of the Defense Forces killed while on active duty. This medal rates second only to the MMG. The ribbon is edged with a narrow black and thick purple stripe, with the colors of the Irish Tricolour in symmetry in the center.

The United Nations Service Medal is awarded to all personnel who have served on UN missions overseas. This rates above the individual UN mission medals awarded. The ribbon is symmetrical with the green-white-gold of the Irish Tricolour on either side and a blue stripe down the middle of the ribbon.

The Service Medal is awarded for 10 years service in the Permanent Defense Forces. The medal is mounted on a ribbon of St. Patrick's Blue. For a further 10 years service as an officer or 5 years as an NCO or below a bar is added to the medal, and the ribbon is changed to blue with a gold stripe down the center. No Irish soldier may wear more than one Service Medal so on the award of a Service Medal with Bar the previous Service Medal is returned.