The Repeal Association was an Irish mass membership political movement set up by Daniel O'Connell to campaign for a repeal of the Act of Union of 1800 between Great Britain and Ireland.

The Association's aim was to revert Ireland to the constitutional position briefly achieved by Henry Grattan and his patriots in the 1780s, but this time with a full Catholic involvement that was now possible following the Act of Emancipation in 1829, supported by the electorate approved under the Reform Act of 1832. On its failure by the late 1840s the Young Ireland movement developed.

Repealer candidates contested the United Kingdom general election, 1832 in Ireland. Between 1835 and 1841, they formed a pact with the Liberals. Repealer candidates, unaffiliated with the Liberal Party, contested the 1841 and 1847 general elections.

Electoral statistics:

The seats figure in brackets is the position after election petitions and by-elections consequent upon election petitions, had been decided. There were 103 Irish MPs in the period (excluding the two members from Dublin University, as that non-territorial constituency is excluded from the table below).

Votes in 1835 and 1837 are included in the Liberal totals in Rallings and Thrasher's tables.

Sources: Walker and Rallings & Thrasher.

Election    Candidates    Unopposed    Votes           % Irish votes    MPs

1832        51                    14                    31,773        34.6                   42 (39)
1835        43                    12                    ...                 ...                        34 (32)
1837        34                    15                    ...                 ...                        30 (31)
1841        22                    12                    12,537        24.8                    20 (18)
1847        51                    18                    14,128        43.6                    36 (35)